These are your strategic partners who stand with you in your commitment to unity, self-determination, working together, economic empowerment, purpose, community restoration, faith in selves and faith in our people. When you direct your spending power to their products and services you are directing dollars to businesses that have the primary purpose to create jobs, opportunities and careers in the communities where they do business. They are also commtting to recycle dollars in various other meaningful ways like through community programs and reinvestment. When you live the LetsBuyBlack365 movement in this way you, you are not just getting excellent products and services. You are empowering yourself and your community directly you are having a dramatic effect on future generations of Black people. Click the "visit website" button on each logo to view offerings.

AbibiTumi Kasa

An Online Afrikan Language Institute Linking Afrikan Language and Worldview With Afrikan Revolution & Sovereignty!!! This is AbibiTumi Kasa!!! This is Black Power Language!!!

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Nationwide door-to-door shipping for office supplies, school supplies,printer supplies, furniture and more

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Freedom Paper Company

Freedom Brand Bathroom Tissue and paper products manufacturer and nationwide distributor of paper products for households, businesses and restaurant supplier.

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Asase Heals

Total body cleansing soaps, lotions, bars, scrubs and oils for total wellness

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African Sustainability Collective

Our mission is to exchange knowledge, implement skills and, pool our resources to build sustainable communities throughout the Afrikan diaspora and on the continent.

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ComproTax, Inc

Premiere Professionals, superior bookkeeping, tax preparation, financial consulting or insurance benefits management

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AAU Teen Talk, TV, radio, & magazine are parts of AAU mission's to motivate our youth to define their vision and create greater opportunities to help them meet their destiny.

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Onipa PSC

Onipa uses a African-centered is approach well-being to help you restore order and balance to your life according to the principles of our ancestors Mind, Body and Soul Listen to the beat of your DRUM

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Sankofa Journey

Reclaim Afrika. Experience Ghana through a deeply personal, spiritual, and cultural journey

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Locks Conference

Natural hair, arts, education, vendors, food and more...

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Power In One

Clothing with a message that you can effect change within yourself, community, and the world

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We welcome opportunities to discuss and explore the possibilities for syngergy with any individual, group, company or organization with any overlapping goals.

Considering Partnership or sponsorship

  • What do you want to achieve most?
  • How can LBB365 be a resource?
  • How can we leverage our resources to grow together and inspire Black unity?

About Let's Buy Black 365 Movement

LetsBuyBlack365 group of concerned citizens organizing locally and nationally towards Black economic, political, and overall justice. This community has resources for everyone. The general public, business owners & professionals and local organizers.