LetsBuyBlack 365 has 5 goals which are to
1) Empower Black people through committed Black owned businesses
2) Create vehicles to empower young people with opportunities for the present and the future
3) Re-instill consumer confidence in Black Businesses
4) Infuse capital in targeted enterprises that can increase the availability of sustainable jobs and career opportunities for our people
5) Be a hub for dialog and action around economic empowerment.

Economic State of the Race

Economic impotence is at the heart of every problem that effects the Black community. The prision industrial complex and corporate entities funds economically depressing our communities. Economically depressed communities don't control funding allocations and have no political power. Lack of political voice means schools not controlled by us can and do  massively mis-educate and under-educate our children. Mis-educated children grow up unable to compete nationally academically nor later for jobs. Unable to compete, the miseducated turn to illegal or hard jobs to survive. The prison industrial complex then profits from it's inital investment funding 'crime by necessity of survial' in order to create "The New Jim Crow" mass incarceration free labor system. In ability to compete and crime by necessity allows mass incarceration to remove Black men from the community and the home. Broken Black households create imbalanced homes and communities.
Want to get involved?  Want to galvanize others? Want to take on a leadership role? Want to contribute the Black owned businesses you know and love?

About Let's Buy Black 365 Movement

LetsBuyBlack365 group of concerned citizens organizing locally and nationally towards Black economic, political, and overall justice. This community has resources for everyone. The general public, business owners & professionals and local organizers.

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